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Indoor Cold Fireworks / Dancing on the Clouds

Indoor Fireworks

Spectacular, Exciting, Amazing are a few of the descriptions heard when our indoor fireworks make a shower of sparks that are adjustable in height from 3' to 13' in the air.  Perfect for a grand entrance, to highlight your first dance, or create a fantastic ending to your special event. Our indoor cold fireworks are 100% safe, create no heat, no smell and no smoke. Multiple units can be provided around the room and triggered remotely all at the same time or in a particular order to create a unique effect 

Dance on a Cloud Fog Effect

Perfect for a grand entrance, first dance, or for a performance at your special event.  The cloud effect can also  be lit any color to enhance and personalize the effect.




Exciting effects including:

Indoor Cold Fireworks

Dancing on the Clouds

Co2 Cannons

Confetti Launchers

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