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Planning a Fundraiser?

  • TEC is Fully Licensed by the NJ Legalized Games of Chance Commission and insured for NJ Fundraisers

  • TEC will help you prepare and file all the state and local paperwork for your fundraiser

  • Our staff will help you prepare, promote, and execute your event

  • Prior to the event, TEC will meet with your committee, the management of the venue where your event will be held and all those involved with the planning and execution to create an effective floor plan, a realistic time line and successful prize distribution.

  • TEC is a one stop shop as we can provide you with DJ and band entertainment, an entertaining and effective emcee, a photo booth, and many other extra entertainment items to round out your big event.

Let us help bring the excitement of Vegas to your next fundraiser. Casino nights and Night at the races are some of the most popular fundraising options available. Your guests can play at Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Texas Hold’em, Slot Machines, Let it Ride, 3 Card or Caribbean Stud poker or try their luck with the Money Wheel. Night at the races can be run independently or in combination with a casino event.  Video Horse Races are played throughout the event and guests bet on each race with customized race programs. Experienced Licensed dealers will explain the rules of each game and offer valuable tips so your guest’s next trip to Atlantic City or Vegas may be a profitable one. All gaming equipment, raffle tickets and drums, and customized funny money, and State required signage is all included.

Black Jack Table Rentals NJ NY
Roulette Table Rentals NJ NY
Professional Craps Table Rentals NJ NY
Tournament Size Texas Hold'em Rentals NJ NY
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Carribean Stud Poker rentals NJ NY
Night at the races Horse race game renta
60" Big Wheel Money Wheel Rental NJ NY
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