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Fun Foods

We offer many fun food items that are perfect for cocktail hour, dessert, or an end of evening treat for your guests. 

Dippin Dots Ice Cream rental

Dippin Dots

Cotton Candy Artist Bookings NJ NY

Cotton Candy Artist

Dippin Dots Ice Cream is popular at Amusement park and the Jersey Shore. Now you can have this favorite for Dessert at your next special event

Cotton Candy Machine rentals NJ NY
LEd Lit Cotton candy.jpg

Cotton Candy

Just the smell starts your mouth watering.  Children of all ages love the taste of cotton candy.  Originally there was just Pink (bubble gum), then came blue (raspberry).  Now a rainbow of flavors are available including;

Vanilla    Grape    Lime    Orange   Strawberry    Cherry    Pina Colada   Watermelon   White Chocolate    Banana   Green Apple   Lemon    Berry    Maple


Come with all the supplies, choice of up to four flavors, the cart and an attendant.  A great add-on is instead of the traditional paper cone to hold the delicious sweet floss, an LED light-up wand adds changing colors to this yummy treat and your guest gets a great favor to take home with them

A unique twist on cotton candy. Our artists can create giant flowers, animals, and movie characters from cotton candy. This always draws a crowd and it is Kosher certified.

Cotton Candy Burritos Booking NJ NY

Cotton Candy Burritos

Make your party sweeter and more fun with a Cotton Candy Burrito.
Let the artist scoop ice cream and roll it up in a fluffy layer of Cotton Candy adding colorful toppings: colorful Sprinkles, small colors marshmallow, froot loops, m&m.'s, and more .
Your guests will never forget this great taste experience after eating this unique treat!

candy wall display rental.jpg

Candy Wall

18 CHOICES!!  Like having a candy store brought to your event.  We pack our candy wall with 18 different candy choices and provide the bags for your guests to take home the ultimate sweet treat.  Our attendant will assist every guest in filling up to 2 pounds of candy into their bags adorned with the Guest of Honor’s logo.  Nothing makes the trip home more fun than a bag full of sweet goodness.  Great for any social or corporate event.

NY Style Hot Pretzels Rentals NJ NY

Hot Pretzels

Warm and crusty this satisfying classic makes a great addition to your appetizer buffet or a surprise treat for your guests on the way home.  Manhattan style or Philadelphia style, pretzels with a smattering of mustard is always a hit.  Comes with a rotating warmer display, wax paper sleeves, yellow and brown mustard and a server.

Popcorn Machine Rental.jpg
Sno Cone Machine rentals NJ


Your mouth begins to water as the smell of freshly popped corn wafts through the room.  Popped in delicious and healthy coconut oil there is no need for butter. Our Popcorn Station includes a professional popcorn kettle and display cabinet, attendant, and serving bags.

Sno Cones

Sweet, cold, delicious all describe this timeless treat.  Freshly prepared your guests choose from a variety of 6 flavored syrups to make this refreshing dessert a highlight for any event.  Flavors include; cherry, blue raspberry, strawberry, root beer, pina colada, lemon-lime, banana, and Tiger’s Blood.

Candy Sushi Chef Candy Theme
Candy Sushi Artists.jpg

Candy Sushi

Kids and adults love sushi and they love candy. Transforming this Japanese main course delicacy into the ultimate dessert treat is the specialty of our candy sushi chefs. This is unique and fun addition to any dessert buffet.


Waffles & Ice Cream

A delicious way to end a great meal, Fresh made warm waffles and cold ice cream adorned with your guests’ choice of toppings.  Waffles are made at the station and ice cream is hand scooped by our servers. Plastic plates, knives and forks are provided along with napkins.

Candy Sculpture Spun Candy Artist Booking NJ NYC

Spun Candy

Photos on Chocolate bookings NJ

Photos on Chocolate

Candy sculpting is an ancient oriental folk art. Your guests will be amazed to watch our talented & skillful artists create beautiful intricated designs in a matter of minutes. These candy lollipops are definitely too pretty to be eaten!!

Kona Hawaiian Shaved Ice Truck Bookings NJ

Kona Shaved Ice Truck

Bring the taste of Hawaii to your special event. The Kona Shaved Ice Truck is a welcome sight for guests of all ages. Dozens of syrup flavors to choose from provides a cool treat for every taste. Great addition to any summer event, Tropical themed event, dessert menu or end of party exiting treat for the ride home.

This is a unique photo favor that is completely edible and Kosher certified as well. Guests pose for a photo and then receive their photo on a chocolate Lollipop stick. We can produce up to 300 items in 4 hours.

Chocolate fountain rentals.jpg

Chocolate Fountain

Everything tastes better with CHOCOLATE!  Your guests’ eyes always open wide when a chocolate fountain appears at the dessert buffet.  We provide the fountain, your choice of either premium dark, milk or white chocolate (which can be colored to match event’s theme) all the skewers, napkins, small plates and choice of fresh dipping items.

Our basic package includes your choice of 8 of the below:

Strawberries – Pineapple –   Bananas –   Melon (in-season) –  Oreos – Twinkie slices – Pretzel Rods –  Rice Krispie Treats – Marshmallows – Graham Crackers – Mini Brownies –  Chocolate Chip Cookies – Sugar Wafers – Pound Cake –  Vanilla Wafers

Premium items available upon request for additional cost

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

You scream, I Scream…..face it, everyone screams for Ice Cream!  Watch your guests’ eyes light up as they step up to an amazing sundae bar.  Our basic package includes 3 flavors of premium ice cream, toppings, bowls, spoon, napkins and two servers to dish out the delicious goodness.  Your guests can add as many toppings as they like to create a dessert they made themselves and is guaranteed to please.

Donut Wall Rental NJ

Donut Wall

An amazing way to wrap up your celebration! Your Guests will just love the customized Donut Wall with built in photo slide show and color coordinated donuts to match your theme.

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